The World Economic Forum

The summit took place at the King Hussein Talal Congress Center


Around 1,500 high profile government representatives, politicians, and businessmen from 50 countries attended the World Economic Forum conferences held at the Dead Sea Jordanian seashore. The summit, inaugurated by Abdala II of Jordan took place at the King Hussein Talal Congress Center, also known as the Dead Sea Congress Center.

In the main hall of the Palace, the sound design and installation company INTE (International New Technical Est) installed a PA system composed of twelve powered CA-28A clusters, six per side, along with four powered CA-215A subwoofer units for low frequency reproduction. All these units were flown. The corridors were furnished with "Ceiling Loudspeakers"; model CL-6 which offer high performance features enhancing greater intelligibility of the sonic message. Previously installed and supplied by INTE for other halls of the Dead Sea Congress Center are D.A.S. Audio Dynamic, Compact and Pf series enclosures.

Situated about 45 km. from the Jordanian capital of Amman, the surface are exceeds 5,500 square meters divided into 30 halls and terraces conditioned and equipped with the latest audiovisual technologies providing great flexibility and functionality.

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