The Vegadeo Cultural Centre

The auditorium was recently fitted with a modern D.A.S. Variant compact array


The 5,000 residents of the quaint town of Vegadeo enjoy life in privileged surroundings on the banks of the Eo river, which forms a natural frontier with Galicia at the western end of the Principality of Asturias. Among the public amenities offered by the town hall is the magnificent Municipal Cultural Centre, complete with library, multipurpose and exhibition hall, and fantastic auditorium.

powered sound system as part of the equipment necessary for its near 200-person capacity. This new system replaced the old installation of "veteran" D.A.S. Reference systems. The new installation was undertaken by Tecesa, based in Asturias under the direction of José María Pérez with extensive professional expertise in Spain.

As in many auditoriums of similar characteristics, the suitability of compact array equipment led its technicians to opt for the D.A.S. self-powered Variant systems. Specifically, the installation includes six Variant 25A systems as well as two Variant 18A units to cover low frequencies. Conveniently located on both sides of the stage and suitably angled, the systems provide accurate coverage of the venue.

The D.A.S. Variant compact line array modules feature an outstanding output to size ratio as well as a discreet design, making them ideal for small and medium-size theatres and auditoriums such as the Vegadeo Municipal Cultural Centre. Variant 25A units feature a two-channel AB class amplifier, with built-in limiting and electronic protection systems ensuring exceptional robustness and reliability.

In terms of bass reinforcement the Variant 18A units are fitted with a highly efficient class D amplifier. The installation was completed with the D.A.S. DSP-26 digital signal processor to enable the correct handling of the signal sent to the different pieces of equipment.

This auditorium is the venue for the varied theatre acts, concerts, and conferences that form part of the town's municipal cultural programme. The Vegadeo Municipal Town Centre is housed inside a spectacular 19th-century building called Casa Villamil (The Villamil House) which is also home to the town library. The library features over 21,000 contemporary books, 464 historical volumes from the 17th to the 19th century, a newspaper archive, and a musical archive with over 1,200 music CDs of all genres.

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