The Valencia Harbourfront

The privileged scenario offers breathtaking views of the daily departures and arrivals of the boats


Since Valencia was chosen as the host city for the America´s Cup, its port has gone through a significant renovation becoming one of the Mediterranean's most important stops. During the past years the port has undergone considerable rehabilitation in order to provide adequate facilities for the preliminary sailing races, followed by the Louis Vuitton Cup and finally the challenge of America´s Cup - the world´s oldest sailing competition. The main building of the new port facilities is the so-called Veles e Vents (Sails and Winds) building located at the port's channel. . Its four stories provide equally perfect views of the entire harbour and offering a covered audience area where the spectators can observe the sailing competition events.

The outdoors sound reinforcement of this building as well as that of all the surrounding spaces has been provided using D.A.S. Audio products supplied and installed by Telesonic Valencia. Telesonic opted for the Dynamics Series DS-12 used in both white and black colors depending on the zone requirements. Eight DS-12W (white) along with 4 Sub-18R subwoofers for bass reinforcement have been used for the first floor terrace and balcony over the lower promenade. The entire lower promenade of the main canal has been lined with DS-12 units, in black. The entertainment area next to the building, where there are various terraces and cafés, is also equipped with D.A.S. DS-12 systems, which allow the spectators to listen to the daily updates about the development of the competition. All the D.A.S. systems have been adapted to meet the IP-54 requirements in terms of humidity and dust resistance providing safe electrical installation and survival of these systems in outdoors environments.

D.A.S. Dynamic Series enclosures are built in polypropylene. Their durability and resilience in all kinds of both fixed and mobile installations has proved over the years that these systems are ideal for installations such as the Port of Valencia facilities. The equipment supplied totals fifty eight DS-12 units, in white and black, and eighteen Sub 18R subwoofer systems. D.A.S. Audio H Series Amplifiers provide power using six H-4000 units along with seventeen H-2200 amplifier units. Finally, eight DSP-26 digital signal processors complete the equipment list for the Port of Valencia installation.

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