The University of Gdansk

New building whose audio, video and control was designed and installed by Mega Music Spolka


The prestigious University of Gdansk, located in the port city of Gdansk, Poland, is widely recognised within the country´s educational sector. Founded in 1970, the university boasts ten colleges and over 32,000 students in more than 26 different programmes. Over the 2007/2008 school year, the Faculty of Social Sciences sponsored the construction of a new building whose audio, video and control was designed and installed by "Mega Music Spolka, Z.O.O.", D.A.S. Audio´s distributor in Poland.

The building called for a modern, functional design that simplified forms: a lack of ornament, the dominance of white, and an emphasis on the natural light that enters through the glass façade characterize this almost futuristic building. "Mega Music" chose D.A.S. systems for all six auditoriums that form the new university building.

Five of the auditoriums are small, seating between 200-300 people. The biggest seats 600 and can be divided into two smaller rooms with space for 200 and 400 people. On this occasion "Mega Music" met the sound challenges this space presents by installing flush mounted "Ceiling Loudspeakers", specifically the CL-8T model (line version) - 12 CL-8T systems in the ceilings of each of the bigger rooms.

In total, 72 CL-8T were integrated seamlessly into the acoustic conditions these rooms demand. The Ceiling speakers blend aesthetically with the white colour of the ceiling, optimize acoustic dispersion and are easy to install.

In addition, 20 Arco 4T systems were mounted on the ceiling. The Arco systems are two-way cabinets with molded high-impact ABS enclosures and are ideal for spaces used for anything from plays, lectures and seminars to solo performances. The lightweight design and their easily installed adjustable ceiling/wall mount make them extremely practical systems.

Gandsk is one of Poland´s most commercially active cities. Located in the north of the country, it not only has important ports and navigable rivers that reach the Vistula valley, but is also directly linked to Warsaw by train as well as with other main cities in the country and the continent. It´s university was established following the merging of the Sopot School of Economics (founded in 1945) and the Gdansk University of Education (founded in 1946).

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