The Telefónica Arena Madrid

Jesús Puerto Audioprofesional, S.L. provided the sound equipment for the event


D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems have again been chosen to accompany a renowned corporate event. Telefónica, Spain's major service provider recently held its official sponsorship presentation of what used to be Madrid's Rockódromo. After its rehabilitation and modernization the venue will now be called Telefónica Arena Madrid. Hampered by extrememly bad weather, the presentation took place in the arena and included a reception for about 600 guests followed by entertainment.

As in other prominent corporate events all the details were carefully planned: a magnificent catering service, a show with spectacular lighting and colors, pyrotechnic effects, cirsencian performances and an impressive drums band. The whole set up was devised to provide a night of fun and entertainment for the attendees.

. This resorted to the D.A.S. Audio Aero line array systems, which in this case were the ideal solution to provide coverage for the Telefónica Arena. Four powered Aero 28A units flown from two CA-215A subwoofer units were installed at each side of the seating area for the presentation speakers. At the opposite end of the arena, three powered Aero 38A line array systems along with two Compact 218Sub subwoofer units were set up on each side of the venue. The entire configuration provided powerful, high quality sound coverage to all the areas of the arena.

During the entertainment offered, actors and singers interacted with the audience, leaving the stage at times and mingling with the spectators at ground level of the pavilion. To provide reference monitor capabilities, several SML-12A systems were placed overhead along the perimeter of the ground level. The versatile powered two-way stage monitors highlighted the special experience of the performances of that night.

This historical pavilion seats 10, 000 and offers 30,000 square meters (300,000 square feet) all of which can be adapted to different needs in terms of functionality. The locale is multipurpose space that can be used for the celebration of all types of events. The space has recently been selected as home court to the legendary Spanish basketball team ´Estudiantes´ as well as for the celebration of the Madrid Master Series tennis tournament.

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