The Sta. Coloma Auditorium

The installation was carried out by "Frekuensia Electrónica" , headed by  Enrique Díaz


Once again, the D.A.S. Variant compact line array systems have been installed in a new municipal theatre/auditorium: the Auditorio Can Roig i Torres, a cultural centre that forms part of the Escuela Municipal de Música in the Barcelona neighborhood of Santa Coloma de Gramanet. The venue, with seating for over 200 people, has recently made a number of improvements, notably the installation of a complete D.A.S. sound system.

The installation was carried out by local company "Frekuensia Electrónica", headed by technical director Enrique Díaz, who collaborated with D.A.S. Audio's Sound Project Department. The main equipment is formed by two arrays of five D.A.S. Variant 25A systems each, suspended from their corresponding D.A.S. Variant 18A subwoofers. Signal processing is taken care of by two D.A.S. DSP-26 digital signal processors.

In terms of additional mobile ability, the system boasts two D.A.S. Stage Monitors, specifically the SML-12A version with 12-inch speakers. Four Sound Touring ST-8A systems were also installed along with the stage monitors to complete the auditorium's sound during its multiple uses, from plays performed before a small audience to important academic events.

Both the main system and the support system are self-powered, resulting in easy use and high response capacity. These qualities provide for an even sound for all types of events, both for more musical performances and those where acting or the spoken word is the focus.

This building that houses the Auditorio is unique in that visitors enter through an underground passageway that opens onto a patio located at the same level as the auditorium. The roof doubles as a paved plaza where see-through areas have been incorporated to provide natural light to the area below. The complex boasts various multipurpose rooms and the magnificent auditorium as the crown jewel, a venue worthy of the highest quality sound system and for which the D.A.S. systems were once again employed.

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