The Sabadell Principal Theatre

The restoration started in 2003 under the direction of the architects Dilme y Fabré


The Sabadell Principal Theatre was recently rehabilitated to a condition rivaling its past glory. The state-of-the-art installation is equipped with the latest in sound and lightning equipment. Chemtrol División Teatro, S.A., the well-known a very efficient company, has been in charge of the study and installation of the sound equipment for the Theatre. In order to do so they have cooperated with D.A.S. Engineering Department. After having studied the characteristics of this type of space, which requires a fix installation equipment, it was decided that the best choice was the implementation of D.A.S. Variant compact powered array system because of its compactness, versatility and quality.

Seven Variant 25A units per side together with two Variant 18A subwoofer units as low frequency reinforcement equipment compose the fixed installation. Complementing this basic sound coverage structure and because of the main acoustic characteristics of this space two Variant 25A units have been placed over tripods at each side of the theatre courtside in the first box seats at the lowest stage level in order to reinforce the sound for the first rows of the audience.

In order to guarantee and reinforce the systems strength as well as avoiding power feedback the set up also includes several D.A.S powered monitors from the new series SML. The stage equipment consists of 4 powered SML-12A units and two SML-15A units. These monitors offer seamless dimensions, easy handling, high performance and perfect dispersion.

This sound installation at the Sabadell Principal Theatre simply tops off the magnificent work carried out in this city's emblematic building. The Theatre opened in 1866 and it has served as a cultural center along different historic periods, having been a luxury theatre for the bourgeoisie in his early days as well as a popular movie theatre during the 1990s of the Twentieth Century - before it was closed down.The restoration works started in 2003 under the direction of Catalan architects Lluis Dilme y Xavier Fabré, who also supervised the rehabilitation of the Liceo Theatre of Barcelona.

The first phase of the project included the tearing down of the stage platform, the consolidation of the existing walls and building a new structure. Later on, the works concentrated in improving the facilities of the building: staircases were upgraded and an elevator was installed for making easy the access for people with reduced mobility.

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