The Quixote Arena

The 'Profesional Lupe, C.B." crew opted for the D.A.S. Audio Aero 28A line array systems


Modern sport centers are fully equipped installations, and in this sense, the Quijote Arena Sports Center, headquarters of the Ciudad Real Handball Club has been provided with an impressive sound system. The powered line array systems from the D.A.S. Audio Aero series were the choice for this venue. This versatile installation was carried out by "Professional Lupe, C.B." in collaboration with the D.A.S. Audio Sound Projects Department.

Located in the capital of La Mancha, the sports center has capacity for approximately 5.800 spectators. Its inauguration in 2003 coincided with the club's consolidation as part of the national elite. The team's performance in European competition and its titles, both national as well as international, have confirmed the club as one of Europe's top teams, and just recently, European Champion. The sports arena has hosted some of the most exciting eliminatory games of the European competitions as well as the most important national matches of the Asobal League.

Because of the special conditions of the sports center, it was necessary to install a line array system. The "Profesional Lupe, C.B." crew opted for the D.A.S. Audio Aero 28A self powered line array systems. The design and installation project was directed by José Manuel León, member of the firm's technical department and the true "Alma Mater" of the installation. The installation is comprised of 38 Aero CA-28A along and four CA-215A systems for low frequency reinforcement.

To carry out this project, cutting-edge acoustic simulation and prediction software programs were used. The EASE Focus and EASE 4.2 software allow visualization of sound pressure levels as well as other important acoustic parameters such as RaSTI and % ALcons that indicate the quality of word intelligibility, of vital importance in a sport venue with these characteristics.

The systems were placed in the center of the sports hall with a main cluster consisting of four line array groups. Each group consisted of eight Aero CA-28A modules hung from a CA-215A subwoofer unit. In the top rows of the stand section, six additional Aero CA-28A systems were installed. This way, even coverage of the entire asymmetrical sports pavilion is guaranteed.

The Aero CA-28A modules integrate two 8" loudspeakers with a high performance neodymium magnet structure for mid-frequency reproduction in a V configuration. For high frequencies, the systems incorporate a compression driver which utilizes a neodymium magnet structure and 1.5" exit throat. The driver is coupled to the D.A.S. designed SERPIS plane wave adaptor and a horn for narrow vertical coverage. These self powered systems incorporate a 350 W class D amplifier powering the low/mid frequencies and 100 W class A/B handles high frequencies. The captive rigging hardware provided the "Lupe Profesional" crew with a safe and simple to angle the systems for optimum coverage.

The CA-215A subwoofer systems installed are also powered. In this case, they incorporate a single channel Class D amplifier which provides the system with 1000 W RMS of power, a bass-reflex type configuration and two 15" high efficiency loudspeakers with a neodymium based magnet structure. These modules are equipped with rigging hardware compatible with the CA-28A systems, thus simplifying the assembly.

The quality of the sound installation has made of the Quijote Arena a national reference. As it could not be otherwise, one of the best European handball teams merits cutting-edge installations and the impressive Aero array is an important part of the new system. A spectacular locker room, an impressive gymnasium, a training room, a conference room, athletic offices, press room, VIP lounge, trophy room and others have made this venue a handball and sports landmark.

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