The Palma Arena Cycle Track

The main function of this multipurpose sports hall is to host indoor cycling trials


The magnificent Palma Arena indoor cycling track, situated in the city of Palma de Majorca, has gained a reputation as the major sports centre of the Balearic Islands and as one of the best indoor cycling tracks in the world. , hence its traditional banked track. As part of its equipment the centre includes a sound system installed by Portillo Telecomunicaciones, S.L., using D.A.S. Audio sound systems.

For the main sound system, Portillo installed D.A.S. Sound Touring series products, specifically the ST-1510. On the center's spectacular central roof-the design of which was inspired by the spoked wheel of a bicycle-38 ST-1510 units have been installed in 5 different areas: a central area with 8 units directed downwards to serve the central area of the sports hall, and another 6 units in each of the four sections into which the roof is divided pointing in all directions to provide greater uniformity of coverage. To reinforce low frequencies 16 CA-215 subwoofer units have been strategically placed on the second amphitheater of the grandstands, which is likewise divided into four areas.

The paging and emergency messaging systems are comprised of 510 Factor 5T units and 450 Ceiling series CL-6T units have been placed along the length of the corridors and in the access areas. This guarantees perfect coverage of each of the nearly 90,000 m2 that make up the center's surface area. All of these units are equipped with line transformers to facilitate correct installation in distributed systems. Both the Factor series and the Ceiling series loudspeakers are attractive in design, helping them fit in to any modern architectural space, of which the Palma Arena cycle track is an example.

Signal amplification of the systems has been carried out using two types of amplifiers. A total of 27 "H" series power amplifiers have been employed to provide power for the sound systems in the main area and the subwoofer systems. A further 45 "CSA" series amplifiers are responsible for supplying the signal to the nearly 1,000 units of the Factor and Ceiling systems which make up the center's paging and emergency public address system. The control and distribution of the signal for the installation as a whole is provided by 24 DSP-26 digital processors which offer both high performance and flexibility.

This major project, carried out by Portillo Telecomunicaciones, was backed-up by D.A.S. Audio's Engineering Department as part of the company's philosophy of working in collaboration with clients on large-scale projects. This multipurpose sports centre is equipped with 5,000 fixed seats and can be used for a wide variety of different sports. A further 2,000 temporary seats can be added for the celebration of bigger events, placing it in the ranks of the large sports centers.

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