The new LX-218 in Orlando

Important tropical music singers and musicians participated in the event


RMV Media presented the "Segundo Día de Puerto Rico" (Second Day in Puerto Rico) in Orlando (Florida), with an audience of over 10,000 people. The event took place at the Festival Park, in downtown Orlando. , amongst them Melina León, Limit-21, Alexis y Fido, Vico C, and La Sonora Ponceña.

Orlando based Advanced Audio installed a powered Aero 28A line array system composed of nine CA-28A mid-high units flown at each side of the stage. Bass reproduction was handled by four ground-stacked CA-215A's, along with eight units of the new LX-218 subwoofer powered by FP-6400 amplifiers by Lab Gruppen. Several SML-12A powered monitors acted as frontfill giving an excellent coverage for the front area. Three Compact 115 and three Compact Sub 18 systems were set up on the stage, as sidefill and drumfill respectively. Eight ST-015 and ten ST-32 stage monitors.

The new LX-218 subwoofers were the stars of the show providing spectacular low frequency reproduction response. As José Nazario, owner of Advanced Audio Co. explains, "We received the units a week before the event, so we could have enough time to test them. After all the necessary tests were made we were very satisfied with the bass reinforcement response. But the real trial would come during the event, which required high levels of sound pressure, especially in the low frequencies." Nazario also points out that, "All the technicians that accompanied the bands were also very satisfied, since the LX-218 has got what it takes for a live event of this magnitude. Definitely, the new subwoofers in combination with the Aero systems are the perfect tool for bringing out the sound pressure and quality."

The new double 18" subwoofer system is the most powerful bass unit that D.A.S. Audio has ever produced. It has been designed to provide exceptional performance in terms of power handling, bandwidth expansion and distortion reduction. This model also incorporates the long-excursion 18LX transducer.The technical team was composed of José Nazario as P.A. engineer, Daniel Fernández and Rafael Ríos, in charge of the monitors, with stage responsibilities being under the responsibility of Michael Tricoche Luis Rivera and Luis García.

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