The New Life Community Church

The company "2100 P&S Pte Ltd" had the help of Ron Koh, D.A.S. Audio technical assistant


The "New Life Community" Church in Singapore recently saw the need to upgrade its sound system to better serve its requirement of combining both praise sessions and live music performances. The Church is a contemporary worship centre offering an exciting music programme. Its capacity to engage an ever-growing number of people gave rise to the need for a new sound reinforcement system consisting of D.A.S. Audio loudspeakers. "2100 P&S Pte Ltd" was the company entrusted with the project, and its representative, Jimmy Cheang, had the help of Ron Koh, D.A.S. Audio technical assistant for Asia, to comply with the project's requirements.

"For this project we weighed up all the possible options for the sound system, always considering the key element of the project: the stimulating live performances during the services. In the end we decided to fly Variant 25A self-powered arrays, together with Variant 18A subwoofer units", says Ron Koh. These Variant systems were the right choice as they are specially designed for sound reinforcement applications at theatres and auditoriums, and provide a large number of benefits in this type of environment. The speaker's components, the amplifiers and the electronic processors are built in the actual enclosure, thus eliminating bulky external amplifier racks and loudspeaker cabling. In addition, the Variant models are designed as a fully integrated system, with specific components that improve the array performance and reduce setup times as well as the overall cost of the system.

Jimmy Cheang points out that: "Since this was an active, enthusiastic and highly motivated congregation whose number of members is very likely to grow, the landlord requested us to add two Sub-18H subwoofers for low-frequency reinforcement of the Variant systems. These subwoofers, along with the two Artec 28 systems per side - given the particular layout of the church - completed the system. That way we could provide the best solution to the specific needs of our clients". The choice of D.A.S. Artec units to complement the Variant system was based on the broad frequency response and the great sound pressure levels achieved by these models, together with their versatility, which allows them to be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or on a pillar with minimal visual impact.

"After quickly determining the right alignment thanks to the D.A.S. Audio DSP-26 digital processor, the sound inside the church was outstanding. Once the system was installed, the young musicians who play during the services do so with more confidence, while the members, who up until recently would complain for not being able to properly hear the pastor, are now really satisfied with the new sound system. D.A.S. Audio has greatly increased the sound coverage and ensured the right SPL level", remarks Ron Koh.

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