The MotoCusto fashion show

The show's party was held at the Montjuïc's Italian pavillion of the 'Fira de Barcelona"


The Gaudi Fashion Runway may be gone, but next year's fall fashion trends have been showcased at Runway Barcelona. Amongst the newcomers is designer Custo Dalmau, who has turned his T-shirts into Hollywood icons and for the first time, presented his work in Spain. Under the name of MotoCusto, the Catalonian designer teamed up with the multinational enterprise Motorola wrapping up his show with a massive party. The sound reinforcement was accomplished with DAS Audio's Aero 28A self-powered linear array system serving as the grand finale for the fashion show. The show's party was held at the Montjuïc's Italian pavillion of the "Fira de Barcelona". More than 2,000 people gathered at the event and partied until the early morning, dancing to the beat of two true dance floor wizards: DJ's Stephane Pompougnac and Charles Schilling.

"Rulot Music", was responsible for designing, laying out and setting up the event's aluminum structures, lighting and audiovisual array and audio equipment. The Barcelona based company, opted for DAS Audio's Aero 28A self-powered linear array system. Two towers comprised of self powered CA-28A enclosures were flown at the Italian Pavilion. Five powered CA-215A subwoofer systems were ground stacked for low-end reproduction. In addition, 12 powered Compact 18 Sub speakers were placed at the stage where the fashion show's runway began to provide extra low-end. A delay system comprised of 12 powered CA-28A line arrays, flown six per each side, and four CA-215A powered subwoofers were used. Six Compact 015 systems were placed inside the DJ's cabin for reference monitoring.

The lighting and audiovisual design was also spectacular with "La Rulot" placing 40 automated moving heads and eight HMI-2500 spots. For video projection, three 6 by 4 meter screens were used. Ferran Vercher, Commercial Director of "La Rulot", and Jordi Solana, Technical Manager, praised the Aero's sound coverage. "The 16 modules were more than enough to completely cover the area, delivering excellent clarity", they commented. "Once more the Aero 28 has established itself as the best speaker choice for those who demand excellent audio quality in addition to power and versatility for events of this kind" added Vercher.

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