The Miami Heat's home court

The Heat Group completed an audio upgrade for their seating areas at American Airlines Arena


With their very own dynamic duo-consisting of Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade-the Miami Heat are one of the hottest and most visible teams in the NBA (National Basketball Association). The Heat won the 2005-2006 NBA finals and they continue to be a dominant team in every aspect of the game. The Heat Group, which operates the team, recently completed an audio upgrade for their premium seating areas at American Airlines Arena (the Miami Heat's home court) , and for this, they chose eight CA-28A line array modules from D.A.S. Audio's Aero catalog.

For each direction in the arena-North, South, East, and West-there are now two CA-28A's flown from the underside of the scoreboard at center court. According to Vickery's associate Jorge Arronte, who serves as the Manager of Arena Sound and Matrix, "The Aero CA-28A's dispersion pattern enabled us to precisely control the direction of the sound. After making the necessary measurements and adjustments, we were able to provide ideal sound coverage for the premium seating areas, and yet the commentators hear very little of this, so they can perform their responsibilities without the distractions caused by the previous sound system."

Since the Aero CA-28A's are, in this particular application, used primarily for dialog, the power amps were also optimized for speech. "The amps powering this system were modified to place more focus on the mids and low mids," notes Arronte. "This adjustment brings out the voices and has had a tremendous impact on intelligibility. The clarity of the dialog run through the system is really impressive. By utilizing the CA-28A's for the first few rows of premium seats, we've addressed a number of important considerations: (1) the commentators can function without excessive audio levels, (2) the premium seating areas get great sound coverage, and (3) the new system blends in seamlessly with the loudspeaker clusters that cover the remaining areas of the arena."

Reflecting on D.A.S. Audio's customer support, Vickery offered this closing comment. "We actually had the Aero CA-28A system for a rather extended evaluation period. Throughout this entire time, the company was extremely supportive and offered us all the technical assistance we needed. I'm pleased to say, the system was so easy to work with, we didn't require a single support call."

Text by Roger Maycock

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