The Malaysia's Independence Day

Participants from 'Akademi Fantasia Reunion Show" performed on the open-air stage


D.A.S Audio's Aero line-array systems are being chosen for sound reinforcement at more and more concerts and live events across Asia. Korea, China and Mongolia have all celebrated with Aero sound and this time it was the turn of Malaysia.

Every major city went out of its way to celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day with a mixture of parades, shows and competitions. Typical Malaysian kites were flown over homes and shops, lending an extra air of festivity and joy. The city of Alor Star hosted an open air concert and the company Rhythms Productions led by Rakesh Sachdev took charge of the stage sound system together with D.A.S. distributor for Malaysia, Chee Chuan Lim from Syarikat Instraco.

For the front-of-house system, a total of ten Aero 28 line array systems were flown at a height of nine meters on each side of the 15 meter wide stage together with ten CA-215 array modules and four ST-218 units for low frequency reinforcement. Eight DS-15 units were chosen for the stage monitor system and everything was powered by D.A.S Energy and H Series amplifiers.

Participants from "Akademi Fantasia Reunion Show" performed on the open-air stage. Each year, this leading TV reality show sets out to discover new musical talent and over 10,000 people attended the concert to see their idols in action.

Malaysia's Independence Day commemorates the country's independence in 1957 from British rule which had been established in 1867. Six years later the states of Sabah and Sarawak joined the territory to form the country that it is today.

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