The Lodosa’s Cultural Center

Variant systems for sound reinforcement in theaters and auditoriums


In 2003, work started on an ambitious project to design and build 21 cultural centers and performance venues across the region of Navarre in Spain. One of these centers is located in the town of Lodosa, around 80 kilometers south-west of the Navarrese capital, Pamplona. Its modern facilities are equipped with an ultra-compact powered array system from the D.A.S. Variant series.

With ample experience in this type of installations, the company Teison supplied and installed eight powered Variant 25A systems together with two Variant 18A subwoofer units for optimum low frequency reinforcement. Led by Jose Antonio Echavarri, Teison opted for D.A.S. Variant systems because they are essential for venues of this size with a sloped floor theater design.

Variant systems are especially designed for sound reinforcement in theaters and auditoriums and have several advantages. All of their components, including the amplifiers and electronic processors are built into the loudspeaker itself which avoids having to use bulky external amplification racks and cables. Variant is also an integral system designed with specific components that improve performance and shorten installation time, reducing the final cost of the whole system.

These systems are installed in the marvelous "Reyno de Navarra" main function room at the Culture Center in Lodosa, which is equipped with galleries for on-stage technicians, lighting equipment and stage machinery. Covering an area of 475 square meters, it seats 299 people including a special area reserved for the disabled. It is the focal point of the whole center which was designed by Joaquin Gortari and built an area of close to 2,200 square meters, divided into a basement and two floors.

The center also houses the 213 square meter Agustinos Exhibition Hall complete with a storage room for hanging paintings. The 447 square meter Angel Martinez Baigorri Library provides services to both children and adults and on top of that, there are a further 3 multi-use rooms, each occupying an area of 153 square meters. Two dressing rooms, offices, a meeting room and storage rooms complete the complex. This magnificent building provides the 20,000 inhabitants of Lodosa and its surrounding areas with a first class cultural facility. This summer's program included various children's activities such as fun cooking classes and games as well as a dancing course and several exhibitions.

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