The León Sports Center

León Audio collaborated with the D.A.S. Sound Design Projects Department


The veteran León Sports Center has recently undergone a complete overhaul of its sound equipment to replace it with new D.A.S. sound systems. Local company León Audio, headed by Jesús García Martínez, has been placed in charge of supplying and installing the corresponding equipment and recommended that those in charge of the sports pavilion go with the convenience of the D.A.S. Variant compact powered array systems.

The uniqueness of the venue's asymmetrical bleachers made it necessary to conduct a painstakingly detailed study of the space to be covered acoustically. To accomplish this task, the León Audio technicians collaborated with the D.A.S. Sound Design Projects Department. Eva Argandoña and Victor Catalá, D.A.S. sound engineers took the necessary measurements and made predictions using EASE software while taking into account the difficult acoustic environment in which the equipment is meant to work: the estimated reverberation time in the pavilion is some six seconds.

This inconvenience has been solved by using the D.A.S. Variant powered installation array systems for the venue. With accurate distribution, positioning and processing according to what the measurements and simulations recommend, excellent speech clarity has been achieved, which is the main goal in this type of venue.

In total 24 Variant 112A units were used, distributed in eight modules of three units each, to cover the pavilion's three "upper" bleachers. Two of these units face the upper part of the bleachers and one faces the lower part and the inside part of the floor. To achieve the perfect system signal processing, the D.A.S. DSP-26 digital signal processor was used.

The "lower" bleachers in the pavilion were covered using the self-powered version of the D.A.S. Dynamics series systems. Specifically, five DR-112A systems provide coverage to the bleachers made up of just ten rows of seats, and accordingly, are much lower in height. Five DR-112A systems cover the adjoining side of the floor from the same points. The appropriate combination of near-field and array systems has achieved uniform results throughout the pavilion with impressive clarity despite the reverberation.

The León Sports Center has an approximate capacity of 7,000 spectators and is run by the León City Council. It is also the venue for the León Basketball Club and the Ademar Handball Club, a first-rate team in Spain's Asobal League. The major victories in the club's 50 year history include winning the European Winner's Cup in the '98-'99 season and the Asobal league in the 2000-2001 season, both celebrated in this pavilion which is now enriched with excellent sound systems from D.A.S.

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