The Gaylord Entertainment Center

The stadium's audio system was overhauled by 'Durrell, L.L.C."


The sound reinforcement system at the impressive "Gaylord Entertainment Center" was recently outfitted with 48 self-powered speakers from D.A.S. Audio's Aero 38 linear array system greatly improving the acoustic capabilities of the venues P.A. system. Located in the world's country music capital of Nashville, Tennessee, the stadium's audio system was overhauled by "Durrell, L.L.C.", a local, top-of-the-line company presided by John Horrell and specialized in the design and installation of sound reinforcement systems for large-scale sports arenas and stadiums.

For the Gaylord Entertainment Center's F.O.H. (front-of-house) system, "Durell, L.L.C." installed eight six-speaker clusters flown at the stadium structure using D.A.S. Audio's Aero 38 self-powered linear array system speakers. Hanging from each of the 38A speaker cluster's are D.A.S. Audio BiDriver units providing extremely directional reinforcement to the mid-high frequencies. In the near future, an additional eight BiDriver units will be installed in the central electronic billboard which serves also as the stadium's scoreboard. Choosing the Aero 38A for an audio system installation of this sort has proven to be a major success since the system provides a better, more uniform sound coverage as flown and it also offers greater audio flexibility for the arena by allowing a greater range of events to be held. In addition to the Aero 38A system, eight ST-110 speakers were used to cover acoustically dark areas and eight Compact 218 Sub provided low-end frequency reproduction.

The Gaylord Entertainment Center also serves as a hockey rink for the United States' National Hockey League (NHL) where major games and championships are held. An undisputed symbol for Nashville's own Predators hockey team, the Gaylord Center is a modern, functional stadium capable of seating over 20,000 people and versatile enough to host anything from hockey or any other sports matches to live music concerts or other stage performances.

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