The Disco Club Boutique

Variant systems for Murcia´s top club


Sonido 1 S.L., based in Murcia, Spain recently equipped the city's Disco Club Boutique with a magnificent sound reinforcement system. Line array modules from the D.A.S Variant series were chosen for a high level installation at this new downtown club that clearly aims to become the city's top night-life venue. Equipped with only the best in lighting and sound together with stylish entirely black and white decoration, the venue offers fun and good times for everyone, with two completely different types of ambience.

One of these areas is a 150 square meter cafeteria-come-bar, directly accessed from the street which stays open from late afternoon through into the evening. It's somewhere to have a coffee or a drink in a relaxed atmosphere after work or with friends at the weekend. The area was fitted with six model RF-15.85 units from the latest D.A.S. Reference series together with four ultra-modern model Artec 25W systems installed just above the bar. Signal amplification for the Artec systems is handled by model H-1500 amplifiers while model H-2200 amplifiers power the Reference systems.

The main hall covers an area of over 400 square meters and its sound system is one of the best of its kind to be found anywhere in Spain. An army of 15 D.A.S Variant 25AW systems provide top class sound pressure, accompanied by five CA-215 subwoofer units from the enormously successful D.A.S Aero series. They deliver an incredible 6000 W of convincing low-frequency sound and are powered by model H-4000 amplifiers.

The D.A.S. Variant 25AW is an ultra-compact bi-amplified line array module incorporating a Class AB twin channel amplifier for both low and high frequencies. Included in its electronics package is the active crossover, signal processing, limitation and protection circuitry. This light, trapezoidal and visually discreet unit incorporates a built-in flying system and all the rigging accessories needed to join one unit to another. These units can then be angled in any way that may be needed to ensure uniform sound coverage for any application. The fact that they are self-powered makes them extremely compact and simple to use.

This main hall has a capacity of around 750 people who can enjoy the different ambiences that are included in its program of events. Its smart stage is fully equipped for live performances and there's even the possibility of using the hall for celebrations and other types of social events. However, it is essentially a disco which now boasts a strong, compact and efficient powered D.A.S Variant array system capable of delivering awesome quality sound.

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