The Corner Music Tavern

Variant systems were recommended by engineers from local audio company Sonido JJ


D.A.S. Variant sound systems are taking over an increasing number of venues where they showcase their best-in-class performance. One of the finest examples of a live music venue can be found at El Mojón in San Pedro del Pinatar, in the Spanish province of Murcia. "The Corner Music Tavern" is a cute little place that has the typical atmosphere of an English tavern, where people come to have a few pints of beer while listening to live music.

The stage of this unique bar hosts all kinds of music styles, with a large cast of different bands and solo artists. Best suited for this kind of venue, are the D.A.S. Variant powered compact array systems. Thanks to their versatility, they were recommended by engineers from local audio company Sonido JJ, headed by José Julián Jiménez who also was in charge of the installation.

The main FOH system is comprised of 6 D.A.S. Variant 112A compact array systems, backed by two D.A.S. Variant 18A subwoofer systems. These were arranged to form an array of 3 Variant 112A units plus one Variant 18A subwoofer at each side of the stage. The system is designed for a truly powerful response under any circumstances with a unprecedented ease of use.

Those qualities are enhanced even more as the systems are totally self powered. The two-way systems with 500 W dual channel amplifiers for low frequencies and 100 W amps for high frequencies only need a digital signal processor to adjust the signal based on the system configuration. On this particular case, this task was successfully completed by the D.A.S. DSP-48 digital signal processor.

The installation also included 10 D.A.S. Artec 8 systems conveniently arranged throughout the venue in order to provide a pleasant musical environment all around. These sleek systems have a compact and elegant design, which allows them to seamlessly blend in with the venue's careful decor.

The Music Corner Tavern is now a multipurpose venue, much to the delight of its clientele; on one hand, it offers a cosy environment in which to have a drink and a chat while enjoying a careful selection of quality music and on the other hand, it can be turned into a live venue where artists such as "The Liverpool Band", "You 2 Band" and "Los Swinguers" can unleash their onstage potential and connect with their audience just as they would in a concert. This venue is undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to local enjoyment-a typical English pub right on Spain's Costa Calida.

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