The Champions League teams

Stereo Rent handled the spectacular set up in the recreational section of the Maremagnum area


Once again, the D.A.S systems were present at a major event in Barcelona. The excitement of the Champions league met up with the Barcelona football club at the legendary Old Trafford in Manchester on the 29th of April. In addition to the more than 3,000 fans that traveled to the United Kingdom to watch the match, many others had the opportunity to follow their team's progress at the Maremagnum located in the port area of Barcelona.Stereo Rent, S.L., the Catalan firm leader in the audiovisual field, handled the spectacular set up in the recreational section of the Maremagnum area. For this event, a 40 meter giant screen was installed, similar to the one the firm set up for the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix which took place at the Cataluña Circuit.

On the above mentioned screen, two independent cameras offered combined scenes, TV signal and commercials. Stereo Rent, S.L., carried out the job flawlessly with the mobile production unit they supplied for this task. The D.A.S. Aero Line array systems provided sound for the soccer event. Sixteen CA-28A powered modules, performed with steady precision, along with ten CA-215A subwoofer units for low frequency reproduction. The entire system was self powered needing only a Yamaha S-9 digital console, a CD player and, an equalizer. Signal processing was handled with D.A.S.'s digital signal processors DSP-26.

The Aero line array systems are perfect for these types of applications because of their versatility and ease of use. The integral rigging mechanism eases the adjustments and angulations in each application. The proliferation of audiovisual applications in major events as the one carried out in Barcelona, require larger and better sound systems each time. In this sense, the D.A.S. Aero line array powered systems are a very effective and useful tool. The event, sponsored by Heineken, Vodafone and the newspaper Sport, was perfect from the technical point of view. Unfortunately, due to poor results "Barça" team was eliminated from the competition and therefore out of the Moscow finals. A great disappointment for the thousands of followers who enjoyed since mid afternoon the different activities and broadcasts that were going on, but could not enjoy the classification of their team for the prestigious and awaited for UEFA Champions league final.

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