The Catarroja Auditorium Theatre

Chemtrol División Teatro has used Variant systems in other installations all over Spain


The D.A.S. Variant compact line array systems were chosen to complete the sound equipment at the magnificent Teatro Auditorio in the town of Catarroja in Valencia. This three story building, now home to the new Conservatorio de Música (Conservatory of Music), has become a cultural reference point in the Valencian province.

The characteristics and size of this modern venue make the installation of a powerful, quality sound reinforcement system capable of providing coverage for the more than 700 seats that fill the room a necessity. Chemtrol Divsión Teatro, responsible for the installation, recommended the use of the D.A.S. Variant compact powered array systems as an answer to the venue´s needs. The highly reliable Variant systems are also used by the Chemtrol team in other installations with similar characteristics all over Spain.

The main equipment is integrated in two flown line arrays on either side of the stage. Each is composed of four D.A.S. Variant 112A systems, high performance systems with an ample vertical dispersion. These units are suspended from the Variant 18A subwoofer cabinets, which provide low frequency support when the venue is used for musical acts. The easy and effective task of positioning the Variant systems allows uniform coverage both in the audience and the venue´s amphitheatre area.

Four D.A.S. Artec 25 systems were placed at ground level to balance the sound for the first rows of the venue. These systems receive the corresponding acoustic signal by a D.A.S. amplifier, specifically the H-2200, with Class "H" technology. The installation was completed with a D.A.S. DSP-26 digital processor which, managing the acoustic signal of the Variant systems, as well as a D.A.S. HDJ-2450 double CD player with a MP3 reading feature.

The Teatro Auditorio de Catarroja stands out for it modernity and for the special attention that was paid to making the venue accessible for people with reduced mobility. The versatile 250 square metre stage has enormous potential for both plays and musical performances. In terms of the latter it´s should be mentioned that the town is home to the Unión Musical de Catarroja (Catarroja Musical Union) and La Artesana (The Artisan), two of the most important music groups in Valencia, a province where so many groups of this type abound.

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