The Burgos Sports Center

Villalonquejar Sports Center is located 3 miles from Burgos


Over recent years a large number of multi-purpose sports centers have been opening. They offer a highly recommended source of recreation and are constantly attracting more members. The city of Burgos has a top class sports facility, which has recently made its mark on the Spanish city; , in the Villalonquejar industrial estate.This magnificent sports complex boasts the best multi-sports facilities in Burgos and its state-of-the-art equipment includes a D.A.S Audio sound system. The equipment, which is supplied by Alonso Ingeniería de Telecomunicación, S.L, provides even sound coverage to the public spaces (changing rooms and walkways), as well as specific areas including the aerobics and spinning studios, and the cafeteria.They are using the Factor 5 model from the Factor series in the reception, beauty and relaxation areas (spa, hair and beauty salon, etc.), and the cafeteria. These attractively designed systems easily blend into any modern and contemporary environment. Furthermore, the systems are compact with simple and effective mounting equipment, which greatly assists installation.The fitness, aerobics and body building studios have been equipped with the Dynamics series. DS-108 and DS-112 systems were installed with two-way speaker enclosures, and 8" and 12" loudspeakers respectively. They provide high-performance audio to these zones, where musical accompaniment becomes an important aid for performing repetitive activities (as most people exercise to the rhythm of the music). The size of the studios means they require a louder and improved sound quality. For the multi-purpose studio they plan to use DS-115 systems with each unit having an output power of 350 W RMS. This means the studio will be able to accommodate conferences, parties or any other type of event that the sports center's social club decides to encourage.D.A.S Audio systems also carry out amplification and signal processing. Seven amplifiers from the Energy Series and four H Series amplifiers power the sound systems. Dual channel EQ-215 graphic equalizers with 15 bands per channel as well as 12 input DJ-11 mixers have been employed for correction and control. The signal is distributed to the center's various zones using a professional 6 channel Dateq ACE mixer, which is exclusively supplied in Spain by D.A.S Audio.This fully equipped sports complex was designed and constructed by BSA Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Gestión in Burgos and its more than 14,000 sq m spread over three floors. On the ground floor there are the changing rooms, two swimming pools, the Spa zone, three tennis courts, four paddle courts and a large cafeteria. Moving onto the first floor there are the fitness, pilates, body building and aerobic studios and the so-called "recreational zone", which includes a restaurant, terrace, and infant play center. Lastly, on the top floor there are the group, spinning and multi-purpose studios, which provide a better use of space.D.A.S sound systems go perfectly with any state-of the-art sports complex in the sports facilities industry. Without a doubt they will give pleasure to the hundreds of members who will soon visit the Villalonquejar Sports Center in Burgos.

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