5th Element Fitness Club

D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems at The 5th Element – Fitness Club in Kyiv, Ukraine




With over 18,000 m² distributed over 12 different indoor and outdoor spaces, The 5th Element – Fitness Club in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine, ranks among the top five largest fitness centers in Europe.

The club’s management wanted to update and enhance the audio systems in four of The 5th Element’s spaces – the RollerDrome, CrossFit and two Fitness rooms. Music Kyiv LLC was called in to manage the upgrade and opted to draw from D.A.S. Audio’s extensive catalog of sound solutions to cover the club’s end-to-end audio needs.

The Rollerdrome, a 521 m² multipurpose room, was equipped with 12 unique and versatile Ovi 12 systems. A total of 16 Arco 24T loudspeakers and a PS-1400 amp was installed in the 300 m² CrossFit room, while the 132 m² Fitness rooms were fitted out with 16 Arco 4T high-impact cabinets, two PS-400 amps and two Arco 12 subwoofers for low-frequency support.


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