Technical Workshop Beijing

D.A.S. Audio and Acton Audio host Technical Workshop in Beijing



  D.A.S. Audio, supported by distributor for China, Hong Kong and Macau, Acton Audio & Musical Instruments (Shanghai), hosted a dealer gathering and technical workshop in Beijing, China, on 8 June 2013 for more than 100 dealers and customers from all over the country.

The event  coincided with Palm Expo 2013 and showcased the latest models introduced in the Chinese market. For Eduardo Lopez, Sales Manager for China, “This event was the perfect opportunity to gather a lot of the new dealers we have in the country now, thanks to the remarkable work Acton Audio & Musical Instruments is doing. For them it was the ideal opprotunity to learn about D.A.S. history and the technology behind our products, with a special focus on the components used in our speaker systems, from cone transducers to compression drivers, designed and manufactured in Spain”.

Ron Koh, D.A.S. Audio’s System Engineer for Asia explains how the event was planned: “Together with Acton we decided to make an impression of the Convert 15A’ s debut in China, so the whole event was designed around this model and the new DASnet remote monitoring and control software it features. We carried out a technical workshop explaining the endless possibilities of this audio management application, that gives the user instant and intuitive control over a wide range of parameters and features of a single cabinet or a processor or a network of them: gain, polarity, presets, delays, power, temperature, voltage…….”

After the technical workshop, it was time to move onto a live product demonstration showcasing a complete and varied range of D.A.S. Audio products for all type of applications. Acton’s technical team handled the demo playing different types of tracks while explaining the features of every model displayed: the new Artec 500 Series, Convert Series, Aero 8A and Aero 12A Line Arrays, LX Subs, Rf Series, Road Monitors and many more.

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