Teatro Cervantes Arnedo

The Teatro Cervantes in Arnedo revamps its sound with D.A.S. Audio





The Teatro Cervantes in Arnedo (Cervantes Theater), the third largest town in La Rioja, has relied on units from D.A.S. Audio’s extensive product catalog to revamp its sound reinforcement system. This stunning theatre, entirely renovated in 1999, incorporates a number of cutting-edge technologies including retractable stands, tiltable mobile floor and a removable stage with portable proscenium arch, making it the ideal venue for a range of performances, from plays and musicals to variety shows and movie screenings.

Logroño-based Sonosfera, an audio-visual company, was called in to handle the revamp of the Teatro Cervantes sound. The technicians knew that a vital part of the project was to find a flexible sound system that could match the theatre’s versatility, and were confident that powered D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array systems would be the perfect fit for the job.

The Sonosfera team worked hand in hand with Santiago Herreros, technical manager at the Teatro Cervantes, with technical support from Ktonia Estudios’ Daniel Cristóbal Marín during system adjustment. Eva Argandoña from D.A.S. Audio’s Sound Project Department also made the trip to Arnedo to set up the new audio system.

The sound reinforcement system was based on 14 ultra-compact powered D.A.S. Aero 8A line arrays, flown in two linear arrays of seven cabinets each in a classic left-right configuration. Four D.A.S. LX-215RA subwoofers were centrally flown in two line arrays between the Aero 8A arrays for the crucial low frequency punch.

Four D.A.S. Artec 506A systems were installed downstage center to provide full coverage for the front rows of the audience. The system was rounded out with a D.A.S. DSP-4080 digital signal processor, which controls and manages the whole system.

The combination of the Aero 8A systems and the LX-215RA subwoofers ensures consistent and uniform coverage for the entire audience and a sound solution perfectly adapted to the theater’s characteristics, with all the power of the D.A.S. Aero Series 2 systems in its more compact but equally robust model.

The Teatro Cervantes in Arnedo, named after founding patron Francisco Cervantes, opened its doors in 1922. The theatre provides a number of different services in addition to performances, offering function rooms for hosting an entire range of events, from cultural and sales exhibitions and lectures to presentations, making it one of the leading cultural and social centers not only in Arnedo but all Rioja.


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