Tafalla’s Cultural Center

D.A.S. systems installed at Tafalla's new cultural center





The recently inaugurated Centro Cultural in Tafalla, a town just 21 miles south of Pamplona in Navarre, is a modern facility equipped with a range of cutting-edge equipment, including a new D.A.S. Audio professional sound system. This 6,871 m² center features a main hall with seating for 445 spectators and is designed to host an entire range of cultural events including plays, concerts and dance performances.

Local company Elkom Sonido e Iluminación was called in to handle the sound solution at Tafalla’s newest cultural hub. With Ignacio Basterrechea at the helm, the team of technicians decided to install a system based on D.A.S. Convert 12A curved source array units. These systems combine  D.A.S. Audio’s characteristic reliability and performance with its latest high-tech innovations to provide a high level of flexibility.

Six powered Convert 12A systems were brought in for the main system at Tafalla’s Centro Cultural, which were rigged in two linear formations of three units each on either side of the stage. These systems were paired with Convert 18A subwoofers, which were brought in for the crucial low-frequency punch, the high-output 18” speaker providing extended bass coverage during musical performances.

The Elkom Sonido e Iluminación technicians opted to round out the main PA with four D.A.S. Action M12A powered stage monitors. These monitors play a crucial role not only during musical performances but during speeches, presentations and conferences as well. A D.A.S. DSP-2040 digital signal processor was also installed to manage and control the entire system.

The cultural center extends beyond the ground-floor main hall to offer a range of additional services, including a basement with four rehearsal rooms and their respective storage areas and showrooms. The first floor is dedicated to a 150-person theatre used for film screenings, as well as a multidisciplinary room with audiovisual equipment and an area used for building management.

The inauguration of this fully equipped cultural facility was attended by Yolanda Barcina, President of Navarre. A performance by soprano Sabina Puértolas put the perfect end to the official opening ceremony of the Tafalla’s ground-breaking Centro Cultural.


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