Sven Väth Dusseldorf

Sven Väth and Andreas Gursky in Dusseldorf with D.A.S. systems

  It’s an attention-grabbing combination: one of the world’s most important contemporary artists together with some of the world’s best electronic music. Sven Väth, world-renowned DJ, has often collaborated with personal friend Andreas Gursky, one of today’s most celebrated photographers (his Rhein II is the most expensive photograph ever sold). These two German artists recently came together with D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems when Väth performed at the after-party held to celebrate the opening of a Gursky art exhibit at Dusseldorf’s Museum Kunstpalast.

The night kicked off at the Museum Kunstpalast with the opening of Gursky’s newest exhibit, 60 pieces that represent a mix of the artist’s new and old and small and large-scale works. Hundreds of VIP guests were then invited to Dusseldorf’s luxurious Rheingoldsaal venue, a 470 m² hall with a 40 m² stage and shell-shaped gold dome, for an exclusive after-party. The 900 VIP guests packed into the Rheingoldsaal as Sven Väth took to the stage for a straight seven-hour set of cutting-edge electronic music. Soundart GmbH & Co. KG, part of the D.A.S. Audio network in Germany, headed the sound equipment supply and setup for the event.

The sound team, with Systems Engineer Benjamin Hartmann at the helm, brought in D.A.S. Audio professional systems to ensure perfect sound for Väth’s DJ set. Technicians rolled out the big guns for the performance: sixteen D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A systems along with eight LX-218 loudspeakers were set up throughout the Rheingoldsaal. The Aero 12As, a compact line array loudspeaker, were flown in a four-point system for the dance floor, while low frequency duties were handled by the eight LX-218 loudspeakers. These high-performance systems were stacked in an end-fire array to ensure crystal clear sound for the entire hall.

To enhance the system’s power the Soundart team set up two D.A.S. Audio 2-way powered Road 15A for stage monitoring.  Thanks to their compact size, the Road 15A helps to eliminate the visual obstruction between the audience and the artist caused by larger monitors. Two D.A.S. Audio LX-215A units, designed for impressive low frequency performance, rounded out the D.A.S. Audio sound systems the sound team designed for the event.

Soundart and the army of D.A.S. Audio systems rolled out for the after-party provided superb sound throughout the night. Väth, Gursky and the hundreds of VIP guests kept the party going until dawn, capping off a successful exhibit opening with an equally successful all-night celebration.

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