Supercross Dortmund 2014

D.A.S. Audio systems team up with Dortmund's ADAC Supercross 2014 in Germany





  When this year’s ADAC Supercross (SX) arrived at the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund its technical crew knew precisely the challenges they would face at this long-running event. The venue has a history of staging major rock concerts and sporting events, including the traditional motorsport season opener which offers SX fans a unique blend of action, sport and entertainment within the 4,700m² oval arena. For another year running D.A.S. Audio systems were on hand to provide completely uniform 360° sound coverage for Germany’s largest supercross event.

Local pro-audio company (and D.A.S. Audio network partner) Soundart GmbH was called in to help stage the massive event, which hosts a raucous and dedicated crowd of 9,000-10,000 people each day. Soundart first became involved with the Dortmund Supercross three years ago and are used to balancing the necessary SPL to overcome the sound of throttling bikes and even louder audience horns (up to 94B) within the tight 99dB thresholds imposed by the German authorities. As a D.A.S. Audio customer, they are also familiar with the challenges involved in flying a 360° rig around an existing infrastructure, with no floor space and minimal rigging points.

The challenges faced were not limited to just providing even pattern control throughout a 360° venue, so that everyone in the house could benefit from the same experience; the system had to ensure that when the sound was handed over to the broadcaster the sponsors’ commercials could be played in seamlessly and audibly. Led by Benjamin Hartmann of Soundart, the sound crew opted to deploy 24 large-format Aero 50 line arrays, divided into four hangs for the long axis of the hall.

Twelve Powersoft K6 DSP amplifiers were brought in to provide power to these robust systems. Claus Behrens, of D.A.S., recommended Powersoft because he knew they would bring a new optimisation to the Aero 50. ““D.A.S. had recommended this solution as being stable and efficient — this is the first try-out for us and we have had nothing but good reactions. It’s very user friendly.”

Soundart also took the new Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System) systems for a spin for the first time, matching the Aero 50s with 24 of the smaller Aero 40As flown in four clusters. These powered, three-way systems feature remote monitoring and control with DASnet™ audio management system and a new rigging system designed for safety, speed and precision.

To complete the coverage HWS Veranstaltungstechnik, another rental stager, placed an additional 20 Variant 25A speakers from D.A.S. Audio’s installation portfolio on the upper level balcony for infills. The sound technicians also worked closely with Werner Bankner at Lasertec Showlaser to integrate all media to make it appeal to a broad, international audience.

Desk operator and system operator Ben Degenhardt was pleased with the performance of the D.A.S. systems. “With D.A.S. we have been able to present the whole 360° solution in a much better way, as the Aero 50 and 40A enclosures have 90° coverage, so with four clusters we can achieve the full 360°.” Soundart’s Benjamin Hartmann agreed that little could have gone better. “When the sound is loud, the intelligibility is good and the system works, then everyone is happy.”

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