SunRay Hotel expands

The set up comprised eight white Variant 112A units


In the summer of 2007 "Indigo Music", D.A.S. distributor for the Ukraine, finished the light and sound installation at the "SunRay Hotel". This hotel is located twenty kilometers from the city of Dnepropetrovsk situated in the South East part of the country. This luxury hotel has recently expanded its grounds by creating a new restaurant divided on two floors with 250 square meters on each level. Once again, D.A.S. Audio systems have been chosen as sound reinforcement equipment.

"Indigo Music" installed the D.A.S. audio systems having in mind that there were three distinct acoustic areas: the terraces on each level, the restaurant itself and the first floor indoor area. The Variant array systems were installed in the restaurant zone. . These powered systems are specially designed for fixed installations, and are capable of providing both versatility and compactness. For bass reinforcement the Variant 18A systems were used. Two of them were installed in the cluster and four were ground-stacked.

The fact that the entire system is powered enhances the systems simplicity and user-friendliness. The complete installation is controlled using the DSP-26 digital signal processor which guarantees an optimum performance and balance between the two sound sources. The powered SML-12A systems were used to provide stage monitors as occasionally, small live acts perform at the restaurant. These versatile low-profile monitors provide a discrete stage presence. A mobile system comprised of RF-112 and RF-10 systems is also available for clients.

In order to achieve an optimal sound quality for background music and paging both in the terraces and in the first floor indoor area, the flush mount Ceiling Series was chosen. 10 CL-6 models were installed in the terraces. These CL-6 units are driven via DSP-26 processors and powered though D.A.S. CSA-600T amplifiers. The Ceiling Series products offer wide coverage and provide excellent mid and high frequency reproduction, providing improved intelligibility.

The SunRay Hotel is a luxury hotel that offers the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Their 35,000 square meters include a great and exquisite variety of entertainment options. The guests can occupy double or triple villas whose sophisticated and luxurious suites are the perfect complement to all the other excellent services and facilities, such as impeccable rooms, spa, etc.

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