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The Sun Princess Cruise Outfitted with DAS Audio





A Sun-class cruise ship built in 1995 and operated by Princess Cruises, the Sun Princess –slated to be used as a floating hotel for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics– recently underwent a dry dock in Singapore. The ship received a host of new onboard additions and amenities over a several-week period, including an upgraded sound system for the Sun Princess’s stunning poolside LED screen drawn from Valencia, Spain-based DAS Audio’s WR Series catalog of products. 

The key of this operation was Derrin Brown (Production Operation Manager) from Princess Cruises whom contracted Control AV, a custom audio system design and build company based out of Miami, Florida, to design and deploy the new sound reinforcement system for the ship’s outdoor screen. Control AV, which works out of ports across the globe for the on-site installation of cutting-edge entertainment technology on cruise ships, sent a team to the Sun Princess’s dry dock in Singapore to set up the ship’s new DAS Audio WR Series sound solution. DAS Audio’s WR Series of products are particularly suited to installations like the Sun Princess, which are exposed to both the open air and open sea. The WR systems, manufactured in a range of protective materials including stainless steel, fiberglass, and water-repellent parts, are protected from the corrosive effects of moisture and salt. 

The Control AV installation team was faced with a unique challenge: complete a custom install in just 17 hours. Where? Wherever the client decided, which was ultimately Singapore. DAS Audio and its factory in Valencia were charged with custom-designing a set of upper and lower angled bumpers in white duplex stainless steel for the Sun Princess. In addition to the joint brackets between the double-sized enclosures, it was essential that the custom rigging be protected from adverse weather conditions, including hurricanes. The WR systems are available in black and white, and the customer opted for white in order to integrate the system into the ship’s aesthetics. 

In total, the Control AV installation team positioned eight DAS WR-320FX line arrays on either side of the Sun Princess’s outdoor LED screen in a vertical cluster. For low frequency support, these two loudspeaker clusters were augmented with four WR-322FX subwoofers hung above each left-right array, with a further boost provided by an additional eight WR-6412FX two-way systems.

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