Street Parade 2013

D.A.S. Aero 40As make their European debut at 2013 Zurich's Street Parade




  The new D.A.S. Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System) recently made their European debut at Zurich’s 2013 Street Parade. Held every August since 1992, this massive cultural event, Zurich’s biggest, brings together over 900,000 people for one of the world’s largest techno parties, at once a celebration of musical and individual diversity and a demonstration of freedom and tolerance.

The event features more than 30 mobile stages that parade the streets along with eight large outdoor stages set up along the shores of Lake Zurich. A virtual army of national and international DJs cross each of these stages over the course of the Street Parade, filling the city with the sounds of some of the world’s best electronic music. Systems from the D.A.S. Aero Series 2 catalogue of products were on hand at the Swiss Innovations Stage on the Limmatquai, one of Zurich’s most picturesque streets, to ensure precise coverage and powerful sound for both fans and performers.

Swiss company Eventag was contracted to rig the sound system for this stage; supplied by D.A.S. Audio’s Swiss distributor Z-Audio Animatec AG, Eventag is the owner of the first Aero 40A system available in Europe. Eventag called in long-time Z-Audio collaborator Curdin Bisaz and his sound team to assist with system set-up and configuration, while D.A.S. Audio Events Engineer Joel Damiano made the trip from D.A.S. headquarters in Spain in order to be on hand to help with the system adjustments for the new Aero 40As.

The Swiss Innovations Stage, a venue dedicated to performances by innovative Swiss artists, put on non-stop performances from 1:00 p.m. through midnight. The sound team brought out the heavy artillery to meet the challenge: sixteen powered Aero 40A line array systems flown in two vertical hangs of eight units each on either side of the stage in a classic left-right set-up. These powerful systems were augmented by 16 powered D.A.S. LX-218CA subwoofers, ground stacked in pairs in front of the stage to guarantee low frequency support. Front fill was handled by ten ultra-compact D.A.S. Aero 8As distributed in five pairs stacked on top of the subwoofers.

The Aero 40A’s first performance in Europe went off without a hitch and Eventag technicians were pleased with the outstanding sound quality offered by the new line arrays as well as their robust yet simple built-in rigging system, which greatly facilitates simple and safe line array set-up. Another outstanding feature of D.A.S. Audio’s newest system is the ease of remote management and control of the entire system with DASnet™, D.A.S. Audio’s new software for powered units and processors.

Click here to see a video of the 2013 Street Parade.

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