Storm Festival Shanghai

Budweiser STORM Festival 2016 in Shanghai with D.A.S. systems





Chao GanGuan, D.A.S. Audio’s exclusive distributor in China, recently took the Chinese electronic music world as the official sound sponsor for two of the stages at the Budweiser STORM Festival in Shanghai. STORM’s international lineup of some of the world’s top DJs and world-class production drew in over 75,000 party-goers to Shanghai’s Disneyland Resort. Chao GanGuan supplied a complete PA system for both stages in collaboration with rental services from Beijing-based companies SSTAGE and SAG, deploying a combination of high-performance D.A.S. Audio Aero 2 line arrays and high-caliber D.A.S. Sound Force systems to ensure superb sound over this massive two-day event.

German Rodriguez, Technical Director at Chao GanGuan designed the PA system for both the Makarian and M31 stages based on A2LiVE’s technical rider. He was joined by Fernando Nanao, Systems Engineer at D.A.S. Audio do Brasil with extensive experience in Aero systems at live applications in South America.

Following the success at other internationally renowned EDM festivals like EDC Orlando, Electric Love, and Barbarella, Rodriguez decided to take advantage of the STORM Festival to give D.A.S. Audio’s new UX-221A subwoofer its Asian festival debut, further amping up the power with the premiere of the D.A.S. Sound Force monitor (SF-M) for the first time in China.

The system designed for the Makarian stage deployed a total of 24 large-format D.A.S. Aero 50 line arrays in a classic left-right configuration. These powerhouse systems were paired with four Aero 12A compact line arrays per side, suspended in the same array as the Aero 50s for down fill. “I’ve never tried to hang Aero 12As under Aero 50s before”, reports Rodriguez. “It’s an excellent combination that I fully recommend to Aero 50 users”. 

An impressive battery of D.A.S. Audio’s new UX-221A subwoofers, ultra-low-frequency 21” systems were distributed in front of the stage in nine stacks of two cabinets each. A total of ten Aero 12A were brought in as front fill, while a combination of two SF-20A and one SF-1521A made their Chinese debut as DJ monitors. The system was rounded out with four D.A.S. Audio DSP 4080 and two DSP 2060A processors that managed the entire system.

The M31 stage, while smaller, required a no-less-impressive set of gear designed by the Chao GanGuan and D.A.S. sound team. Eight Aero 50A line arrays, hung in a left-right configuration for the main PA, were matched with 12 LX-218C subwoofers for a robust low-end punch. Five stacks of two Aero 12A enclosures handled front fill, with two stacks of two SF-20A and one SF-1521A serving as DJ monitors and two DSP 4080 processors providing ultimate audio control.


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