Stereo Live Dallas

D.A.S. Audio keeps the sound at Stereo Live Dallas loud and proud





Located in the Northwest section of Big D, Stereo Live Dallas is one of the area’s best destinations for enthusiasts of electronica and DJ-based music. Here, artists such as Ferry Corsten, Bear Grillz, Dash Berlin, and Tommy Trash ply their trade to capacity crowds. Recently, a new sound reinforcement system was installed at the club and, to ensure the best possible audio performance, loudspeakers from the Aero Series 2 and Event catalogs of Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio were deployed.

Colorwave, an AV integration and event production house with offices in New Braunfels and Dallas, TX as well as Denver, CO, was contracted to coordinate the installation of the new sound system at Stereo Live Dallas. Erik Johnson, who handles sales, system design, and technical operations for the company, discussed his reasons for selecting D.A.S. Audio’s Aero 40A and Aero 20A powered line array systems, LX-118A and UX-221A subwoofers, as well as Event 208A line arrays.

“Stereo Live Dallas is a complex with a 1,500-person capacity,” Johnson reports, “so it’s a good sized facility. Being a concert venue for DJ and electronica music artists, it was vitally important that the sound be big and full throughout the venue. After carefully listening to the expectations of our client and observing what actually takes place inside the venue, we elected to use line array technology with low frequency support from a good number of sub bass enclosures. This led us to D.A.S. Audio’s Aero Series 2 line.”

The setup as designed by Johnson includes sixteen loudspeaker enclosures consisting of two flown clusters in a left – right configuration for the house mains. Each loudspeaker cluster employs a combination of six Aero 40A elements and two Aero 20A (for downfill coverage). The Aero 20As are suspended beneath the larger Aero 40As. Low frequency support is provided by eight D.A.S. UX-221A subwoofers positioned in a center configuration.

For the DJ booth monitor setup, Johnson and his crew specified a left-right configuration. Each side is comprised of a single D.A.S. LX-118A powered subwoofer with two Aero 20A line array enclosures stacked on top of each subwoofer.

When queried about those attributes of the D.A.S. Audio equipment that he found particularly compelling for a project of this nature, Johnson focused on two key items: audio performance and control. “The clarity, punch, low end capability, and definition produced by the D.A.S. loudspeakers are really impressive,” he said. “I wanted top notch audio quality and these loudspeakers deliver the goods. Equally noteworthy is the company’s DASnet™ audio management application for remote monitoring and control of D.A.S. powered cabinets and digital signal processors.”


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