Stage 48 New York

Stage 48 in New York pulsates to the sound of D.A.S. Audio




  Stage 48 is a four floor, multi-use venue that hosts concerts, a wide range of nightlife activities, and private/corporate events. Originally built in the 1950’s as a horse stable, the venue has been completely remodeled utilizing the beauty of the old industrial architecture while incorporating modern design cues that create an ambience that is unique compared to any other NYC venue. Stage 48 is at the forefront of live musical entertainment in New York—and throughout the facility, the music is strong and vibrant, thanks to a cutting-edge sound reinforcement system drawn from the catalog of D.A.S. Audio.

Mahwah, NJ-based Duran Audio, served as the integration firm for Stage 48’s new sound system. Carlos Duran, owner of Duran Audio, discussed the project: “In addition to the main floor, Stage 48 has a large horseshoe balcony that overlooks the main floor and provides excellent site-lines of the 34-foot wide stage plus a third floor area. There are numerous VIP seating areas throughout the facility and there’s also a rooftop patio area, which needed first-rate sound coverage. Given the requirements of the project, D.A.S. Audio was the perfect equipment supplier because of its diverse line of products.”

The D.A.S. equipment includes ten Aero 50 large format line array systems, eight LX-218CA and four LX-215A powered subwoofers, twenty Aero 12A powered line array systems, six Artec 26 loudspeakers, and six Road 12A powered stage monitors. The main stage is outfitted with the Aero 50 loudspeakers. The LX-218 subwoofers provide low frequency support at the stage and are further supported by two LX-215A enclosures as on-stage side fills. The Road 12A monitors are deployed as required by the currently performing act.

The task of providing sound coverage throughout other areas of the venue is handled by the Aero 12A. These loudspeakers are positioned further back along the main floor. The Aero 12A’s also provide delay coverage for the upstairs dance floor along with the third floor lounge area. The remaining two LX-215A subwoofers provide low end support to the upstairs lounge. Rounding out this massive system are six of the weather resistant, white fiberglass, version Artec 26 loudspeakers, which cover the rooftop patio area.

Since Day 1, the D.A.S. Audio sound system has been receiving rave reviews from all who encounter it. “Our client couldn’t be happier,” Duran reports. “Everything is working up to and beyond expectations and it all came in on budget, so there were no unpleasant surprises. The house engineers were trained by D.A.S. and, as a result, they have a thorough understanding of the equipment. We had many options when deciding what system to install, but no other brand gave us the support, and quality of the D.A.S. Audio rig.”

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