St Maarten Heineken Regatta

The final night's concert being a massive affair that featured Jamaican reggae artist Shaggy


Home to one of the Caribbean´s most exciting vacation destinations, St. Maarten also has the distinction of being the site of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, one of the biggest sailing events of the Americas and second only to the America's Cup.

For each event, D.A.S. Audio systems provided sound reinforcement-with the final night's concert being a massive affair that featured Jamaican American reggae artist Shaggy. St. Maarten-based Sound 2000, a rental company headed by Earl York that handles sound, staging, lighting, and video for a wide range of live concerts, corporate industrials, and special events, was contracted to provide sound reinforcement for the parties.

The sound system York and his crew deployed was 100% D.A.S. Audio-consisting primarily of enclosures from the company's Aero catalog. Flown at a height of twenty-five feet, the left-right main FOH line arrays each consisted of nine D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A 3-way, self-powered medium format line array elements coupled with an additional three Aero 28A 2-way, self-powered line array elements that were hung beneath the Aero 38A's for front fill purposes. Beneath each flown cluster were four D.A.S. Audio Compact 218 2K self-powered subwoofers. To ensure plenty of low frequency performance, the Sound 2000 crew placed an additional sixteen D.A.S. Audio ST-218 non-powered subwoofers across the front of the stage area.At the front lip of the stage area, two additional Aero 28A enclosures were placed for additional front fill. For the two side fills, York's crew flew three Aero 215A self-powered subwoofers and three Aero 28A line array elements per side. The setups for stage monitoring and drum fills were equally ambitious. The artists had a combination of nine D.A.S. Audio SM-12A powered stage monitors plus six SML-12A low profile powered stage monitors. The drum fills consisted of two D.A.S. Audio Compact 18 Sub single 18-inch self-powered subwoofers paired with two SML-15A powered stage monitors.

When queried how it all turned out, York gave an enthusiastic thumbs up. "This was our 10th year working the Heineken Regatta," said York. "The manager from Heineken St. Maarten was extremely pleased with the system and told us this was the best sounding concert he ever experienced. Shaggy's engineer was equally impressed. This was his first exposure to D.A.S., and he repeatedly commented about how natural and clear the sound was. I've always been impressed with the fact that D.A.S. Audio equipment gets plenty loud, yet it doesn't fatigue the ears the way many other systems do." York also offered an upbeat assessment of D.A.S. Audio USA's customer support services. "I had heard from numerous people that D.A.S. provides top tier support for their products," said York, "and this was a key factor in my decision to purchase D.A.S. equipment. I'm pleased to say their customer support has been first-rate. Whenever we've needed a replacement diaphragm or some other part, the company has always responded very quickly and I've never experienced any difficulties getting someone on the phone to assist. For me, D.A.S. Audio has been a great investment. The equipment is priced right and the performance is even better.

Text by Roger Maycock

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