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Soundart adds to its army of D.A.S. Audio systems




Soundart GmbH & Co. KG, part of the D.A.S. Audio network in Germany, has recently made a massive investment in new D.A.S. Audio systems, adding to its extensive range of models from the Spanish manufacturer. Based in Bochum, Soundart is a full-service provider that relies heavily on its army of D.A.S. Audio systems to provide precise and powerful sound at events across Germany. According to Hauke Hartmann, CEO of Soundart, the company “decided to exchange our existing inventory into D.A.S.  because of the  high performance and quality of the systems. Also, the close cooperation with the factory and the other D.A.S. network partners convinced us that it is the right future strategy for Soundart”.

Soundart has successfully used their Aero 50 line array systems, LX-218A subwoofers, Aero 12A line array systems and Road15A stage monitors to bring the sound to a range of live events. Now, as part of their commitment to providing the best and latest technical solutions, Soundart has invested in three new D.A.S. Audio models. The company has purchased 18 Aero 8As, a powered ultra-compact two-way unit that provides audio professionals with exceptional line array performance from an ultra-compact enclosure. Soundart also acquired 24 D.A.S. Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System), a new powered, three-way system that features remote monitoring and control with DASnet™ audio management system. To round out their army of D.A.S. Audio products Soundart also invested in 16 LX-218CA powered subwoofer systems, designed to offer increased power handling and reduced distortion.

Soundart has worked with D.A.S. for years as a high-profile customer and representative, recently working hand-in-hand with the Spanish manufacturer at large events like Kirchentag 2013, ADAC SuperCross and the Manowar tour. This new investment will enable Soundart and D.A.S. Audio’s network in Germany to continue providing superb sound, with a packed calendar of events on the horizon to put the new D.A.S. Audio systems through their paces. “This is the first Aero 40A sale in Germany and it is not just another sale,” says Claus Behrens, D.A.S. Business Development Manager in Germany.

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