Souk Okaz Arabia

The Souk Okaz public theater in Saudi Arabia has installed D.A.S. systems

  The Souk Okaz public theater, located in the heart of the historic Souk Okaz marketplace in Tarif, Saudi Arabia, has recently been installed with a state-of-the-art audio system from D.A.S. Audio. This modern day auditorium, which boasts a seating capacity for over 3,000 people, has been a venue for plays, poetry competitions and other cultural activities since the beginning of 2013. The nature of the venue’s structure, a huge semi-permanent tent, presented a serious challenge for the sound team as they worked with the tent’s design and materials to bring the best listening experience to the theater.

Jeddah-based distributor Modern Lifestyles was called in to design a solution for the Souk Okaz public theater. These audio specialists brought in collaborators Sennheiser Middle East, with Technical Sales Manager Ryan Burr at the helm. Burr recommended the D.A.S. Audio Aero Series 2 systems—highly versatile, with high speech intelligibility, indispensable for the venue—and for a cutting-edge sound set-up.

Led by Eva Argandoña, D.A.S. Audio’s Sound Projects Department performed an exhaustive study to design the ideal solution for the theater. Results pointed to a combination of D.A.S. Aero 8A line array systems and powered LX-215A subwoofers. The sound team rolled out 25 of the Aero 8A units, flying them in two linear formations of 12 units per side. Another central unit was set up to cover the first rows of the theater, while signal distribution for these systems is handled by a D.A.S. DSP-4080 digital signal processor.

Six D.A.S. LX-215A subwoofers, ground stacked in front of the central part of the stage, were brought in to take care of the low frequencies. The huge stage called for the set up of these systems in an electronic arch in order to guarantee subwoofer coverage for the entire audience area. The finishing touch on the installation was a D.A.S. DSP-2060A digital signal processor and four Action M-12A stage monitors from the new D.A.S. Action Series.

Majd Al Khattib, Technical Director at Modern Lifestyles, commented on the fantastic results of the D.A.S. Audio installation at the Souk Okaz Theater. "We carried out extensive market analysis and we were extremely impressed with the professionalism displayed by Sennheiser and D.A.S. Audio. They carried out extensive acoustic analysis, with the direct support from DAS Audio, to present us with simulations that ensured optimal performance. We thank them for their support, patience and professionalism during this demanding project."

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