SOS 4.8 Festival

The fourth Edition of the SOS 4.8 Festival gathered 80,000 people for two days


In early May the Recinto Ferial de la Fica in Murcia opened its doors to the fourth edition of the Estrella Levante SOS 4.8 festival. With the motto SOStenibilidad (SOSustainability), the 48-hour event marked the beginning of the summer festival season. Some 80,000 people gathered for two days of concerts headlined by famous international artists like Suede, Patti Smith, Lori Meyers, Vetusta Morla and These New Puritans.

Once again, D.A.S. Aero Series 2 sound systems were chosen for the series of concerts, using the D.A.S. systems in the Modo Sonoro Auditorium as well as on a number of stages set up around the fairgrounds. D.A.S. Audio and local company J. Ramírez Sonido joined forces to install the Aero sound systems at both the Jägermeister and SOS Club by Ron Barceló stages and in the Auditorium.

Twenty-four large-format D.A.S Aero 50 line array systems were called to duty to cover the sound at the big Jägermeister stage, with two linear formations of 12 systems rigged on opposite sides of the stage to cover the wide audience area. Low frequency support was provided by 27 high performance self-powered D.A.S. LX-218A subwoofers, ground stacked in front of the stage in nine groups of three subwoofers each.

Four self-powered D.A.S. Aero 12A line array systems were set up to cover the area in front of the stage, while two groups of three Aero 12A systems and two LX-218A subwoofers were stacked on each side of the stage to take care of the side fill. Another Aero 12A system was stacked on a LX-218A unit for drum fill. For stage monitoring D.A.S. Audio and J. Ramírez Sonido brought in the new D.A.S. Road Series, specifically six Road 12A and another six Road 15A systems. These low-profile, powered stage monitors have been launched in 2011.

D.A.S. Audio self-powered Aero 12A line array systems were also used as the main sound system at the SOS Club by Ron Barceló stage, which had two side-by-side linear formations of six Aero 12A systems each set up on both sides. Low frequency support was taken care of by six 8-inch double speakers set in front of the stage, and D.A.S. DR-115A self-powered stage monitors withstood the barrage of DJs that took to the SOS Club's stage.

The Auditorio Mondo Sonoro, covered and with seating, is the most intimate of the venue´s spaces. This auditorium was also outfitted with the D.A.S. Aero 12A systems. Two linear formations of 9 Aero 12A systems each were rigged on each side of the stage, receiving the appropriate low frequency reinforcement via 12 D.A.S. LX-218A high performance subwoofers stacked on stage. Four Aero 12A systems were installed to ensure coverage of the first few rows of seats.

The new D.A.S. Road monitors-in this case the Road 12A models with 12-inch speakers-were employed to cover the sound needs of the different musical acts performing at the festival. Two D.A.S. DS-8A self-powered systems served to "fill" the areas occupied by the orchestras and choruses that accompanied some groups, as in the case of These New Puritans.

Over the past four years the Festival SOS has been gaining in relevance and recognition, carving a niche for itself not just in the music scene, but also in different artistic and philosophical realms. This year two new areas were built to accommodate the festival's expansion. One, named Arte (Art), held an exhibition of different works of dance culture, and in the other, named Voces (Voices), was the site of various conferences and cultural workshops.

Photos courtesy Isabel Cortés

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