Sona La Dipu 2011

D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array systems were deployed for Sona La Dipu Pop Rock 2.011


Sona La Dipu Pop Roc, an initiative put forth by the Valencia Regional Government, aims to promote young and emerging musicians by offering them the opportunity to take their first step on the challenging path of the world of music. This year Sona La Dipu Pop Rock scoured the Valencia region on the hunt for bands at the forefront of the local music scene to participate in their 2011 competition.

In each of the semi-final events that made up the contest, a well-known artist or group was invited to perform in addition to the competing bands. Thus fans were able to enjoy free shows by Melendi, M-Clan, Mago de Oz, Revólver, Seguridad Social and Julieta Venegas at the various semi-finals venues. The icing on the cake was the finale show, which featured the six winning artists/bands from each of the semi-finals as well as a performance by Maldita Nerea.

Each and every one of these events was equipped with D.A.S. Aero Series 2 Line Array systems. Joel Damiano, D.A.S. Systems Engineer, and Javier Navarro, D.A.S. Head of Engineering, were at the helm of the installation and configuration work, using their expertise to supervise system adjustments and tweaks in order to achieve perfect sound quality.

The main system used for these events consisted of sixteen large format Aero 50 line arrays, set up in two linear formations of eight units each on opposite sides of the stage. Eighteen LX-218A self-powered high-performance subwoofers were ground-stacked in front of the stage for low-frequency bass reinforcement. Four Aero 12A line array systems were installed to take care of front fill.

The different musical acts were guaranteed the best in on stage sound quality by an additional four Aero 12A systems plus two LX-218A subwoofers, which carried out side fill duties. To top this off, an army of ten tremendously versatile Road 12A stage monitors from the new Road Series covered the different configurations and necessities of the groups.

The 2011 celebration of Sona La Dipu Pop Rock reached its pinnacle in Játiva, where the three winning groups - "Hambre de Rumba", "DAM 732" and "Desayuno" - were announced and awarded. Their selection means these bands will have the opportunity to record an album and go on tour with the biggest of Valencia's "Circuit de la Tardor" festivities. Such exposure will undoubtedly help these talented musicians get their names out there.

At this same ceremony, the President of the Valencia Regional Government, Alfonso Rus, presented Manuel Peris, D.A.S. Audio CFO, with a plaque in honour of the company's collaboration on this fourth annual Sona La Dipu Pop Rock celebration.

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