Sky Spirit Fitness Malta

Arco and Ceiling Series systems installed in Malta's new high-end gym





  Sky Spirit Fitness Lounge is a state-of-the-art gym located in the SkyParks building at the Malta International Airport in Luqa. Surrounded by some of Malta's largest and most influential companies, Sky Spirit takes a 360° approach to fitness and wellbeing, combining top-of-the-line equipment and facilities with a distinctive musical atmosphere for a one-of-a-kind workout experience. What sets Sky Spirit apart from other fitness centers is its attention to detail, including a carefully designed, high-end sound solution based on D.A.S. Audio systems.

By bringing together fitness with music Sky Spirit creates a signature experience, complete with a mezzanine DJ balcony that gives the fitness center both a glamorous and motivational feel. To design and install the gym’s all important sound system contractors called in Futuretech, exclusive D.A.S. Audio’s distributor in Malta. With Managing Director Stefan Farrugia at the helm, the Futuretech team opted to use D.A.S. Audio’s Arco and Ceiling Series systems to bring the music to life at Sky Spirit.

Futuretech designed a tailored solution for each of Sky Spirit’s six different zones (the main gym, reception, the bathrooms/changing rooms, two fitness rooms and a VIP fitness room), all of which are controlled separately. The main gym was rigged with 16 D.A.S. Audio Arco 24s, wall-mounted to provide even coverage and blend seamlessly with the gym’s high-tech equipment. These enclosures were matched with four Arco 12 subwoofer systems for powerful bass reproduction. Discreet and compact, the Arco line is the perfect solution for Sky Spirit, where attention to detail and performance are top priorities.

Each of Sky Spirit’s three fitness rooms are equipped with its own airplay and fitted out for wireless music reproduction, making it possible for different tracks to be played in each room at the same time. Futuretech once again opted for the Arco line of products to provide the sound in these rooms, installing six Aero 24s and an Arco 12 subwoofer in fitness room 1 and relying on four Aero 24s matched with an Arco 12 Sub in both fitness room 2 and the VIP fitness room.

Speakers from the flush-mount Ceiling Series were brought in to round out the install and to achieve optimal sound quality in both the bathrooms/changing rooms and reception. A total of 16 CL-6 models were distributed throughout these two areas to provide wide coverage and excellent mid- and high-frequency reproduction for improved intelligibility.

The D.A.S. Audio Arco and Ceiling Series systems that Futuretech installed throughout Sky Spirit Fitness Lounge provide a discreet yet powerful sound solution that brings the gym’s crucial musical atmosphere to life. Compact yet robust, the two-way D.A.S. Arco systems are ideal for reproducing music programs in indoor installs and the CL-6 models deliver outstanding audio performance, ensuring a unique workout experience for Sky Spirit members.

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