Shanghai Zhuangcheng Medical Meeting

DAS Audio at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center





Held in the indoor stadium at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, the Shanghai Zhuangcheng Medical and Health Industry Group annual meeting brought together thousands of industry professionals for a one-day event on December 12th. This year’s program featured a range of speakers and entertainment, requiring a sound system with a high level of speech intelligibility in addition to solid music reproduction capabilities. Full-service provider Fluge Audiovisuales and Chao GanGuan, DAS Audio’s exclusive distributor in China, were contracted to design an audiovisual system for the meeting, and drew from DAS Audio’s extensive product portfolio to provide a curated sound solution. 

Headquartered in Shanghai, Chao GanGuan emerged as a partnership between DAS Audio and Fluge Audiovisuales and is a symbol of their joint commitment to providing unrivaled service to the Chinese market. Chao GanGuan and Fluge joined forces for this event, with Fluge technical director Germán Rodríguez and his team of technicians heading the design and coordination of the sound system. 

The solution Rodríguez and his team created utilized 24 AERO-40A powered line arrays, high-performance systems that set the international standard in sound reinforcement, flown in hangs of 12 cabinets each on either side of the stage in a classic left-right setup. A bass array of six LX 218CA-NET subwoofers provided a highly accurate low-frequency punch. An additional 12 LX 218CA-NET handled sidefill, and four more AERO-20A were deployed as frontfill. The entire system was managed by a single DSP-2060A and two DSP-4080 digital signal processors combined with the DASnet™ control and monitoring application to produce more consistent results and uniform coverage throughout the stadium. 

Rodríguez and his team worked throughout the night to complete the install and optimize the entire system, and the event organizers were thrilled with the team’s hard work and professionalism as well as the equipment’s flawless performance. DAS Audio’s cutting-edge sound systems and acoustic modeling software paired with Fluge’s and Chao GanGuan’s expertise in audio design provided a resource that is second to none when it comes to handling projects like this annual meeting. 

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