Sentidos Lounge Bar

The technical team recommended D.A.S.'s Arco and Artec systems.


Barcelona´s city centre doesn´t lack for magnificent dining and entertainment options; some establishments even offer both cuisine and entertainment in one space. Sentidos Lounge Bar is an example of such a space, managing to combine an inviting ambience with outstanding cuisine. The charming spot boasts a modern décor - both elegant and minimalist - in which D.A.S. systems have been seamlessly integrated.

Because of the multi-use nature of the locale, the owners of Sentidos needed to provide for different sound coverage according to the different ambiences and their functions within the venue. One of the areas is dedicated exclusively to dining, while the rest of the site combines a bar area with live entertainment and D.J. sessions.

Experts from the Fidel Color, S.A.'s Department of Professional Sound were called in to lead the installation of this sound system. Once the specific needs and characteristics of the space were assessed, the technical team recommended D.A.S´s Arco and Artec systems.

The Arco Series 'compact and discreet systems fit the bill for the lounge´s dining area A total of 8 systems of two Arco 24 lines were distributed throughout the main room and connected with two Arco 12 Sub subwoofer units. PS-400 and PS- 800 model amplifiers from the D.A.S. PowerPro series supply the power signal for these systems. The installation of the zone is finished off with an HDJ-2270 CD player and an Onyx 6 channel mixer from DATEQ, a Dutch company for whom D.A.S. is the sole distributor in Spain.

In the lounge- bar area, the sound installation consists of four Artec 8 systems augmented with two subwoofer systems with D.A.S. Sub- 15P 15" speakers. The Artec systems offer a wide range of mounting accessories which allow for their installation on walls, ceilings or columns with minimum visual impact.

The signal amplifiers used are models H-1500 and H-2200 from D.A.S.´s H Series,. Other important components of the installation are an HDJ-2450 Plus CD/MP3 player and a DSP-26 digital signal processor, as well as a 7- channel Apollo mixer from DATEQ.

This complete D.A.S. sound system helps to create an elegant and alluring space where, on any given weekend, clients can take in live performances, from musicals to comedy and magic, as well as engaging DJ sessions for the younger set. At Sentidos Lounge Bar, cuisine and entertainment fuse together in perfect harmony.

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