Seminars in Germany

D.A.S. Audio seminars with Beyerdynamic and PAN-Direct in Germany



  “Innovation and trend in installation and rental” was the subject for recent seminars with Beyerdynamic, PAN-Direct and D.A.S. Audio. The seminars were hosted by Beyerdynamic at their headquarter in Heilbronn and in the PAN-Direct headquarter in Wolfenbüttel. The professionals attending the event were consultants, architects, installers and rental companies which were granted the opportunity to meet these industry leading companies.

D.A.S. presented a broad range of products offering attendees the chance to experience the sound quality of the systems. D.A.S. focused on the active speaker range with built-in digital signal processing. Convert 12A and Convert 15A, the multifunctional loudspeakers for rental and fixed installation, surprised the attendees with their superb sound quality and functionality. Also presented were the Aero 8A and Aero 12A powered line array products and the powered Road stage monitors, which got special attention at the seminar. D.A.S. Audio recently manufactured the 10,000th unit of the Aero 12A, testifying to the vast acceptance of the products worldwide.

Specifically for the permanent installation market, D.A.S. presented the new Artec 500 Series of products which are available in both powered and passive versions. The compact Arco Series were also introduced and demonstrated for the seminar participants.

Market manager Tobias Schulte from D.A.S. Audio explains “It has been very successful couple of days, we had the opportunity to explain the new trends and innovations in beam steering, microphone and conference technic and active loudspeaker with built-in DSP.  We are already planning the next D.A.S. seminars”

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