Seminars Colombia 2015

D.A.S. Audio training seminars in Colombia





D.A.S. Audio recently held a series of training seminars in Colombia as part of its ongoing commitment to provide sound professionals with training in D.A.S. technology. Led by D.A.S. technicians for South America and the Caribbean Roberto Almodóvar and Ramón Franco, the seminars held in Medellín, Bogotá and Cali were attended by a record number of Colombian sound professionals eager to learn more about D.A.S Audio’s sound solutions.

The first seminar, held in Medellín, was organized in collaboration with local distributor Coaxial & Digital Music and attended by roughly 150 professional audio technicians and operators.

Local company Cyan Eventos Medellín handled the technical production for the seminar, which featured a training course on the DASnet™ remote monitoring and management system as well as the EASE Focus acoustic simulation and modeling software.

The following D.A.S. training seminar was held at the University of San Buenaventura in the Colombian capital of Bogotá. The event was attended by some 100 professionals, who received training on the EASE Focus and DASnet™ software along with several concepts related to signal mixing.

Local distributor Audio Capital and audio engineering professionals Jorge Casas and Álvaro Llano collaborated on this event, with local company People Light handling the seminar’s technical production.

The Colombian training seminars wrapped up with the largest of the three sessions in Cali. This event was attended by roughly 190 industry technicians and professionals.

The same software and technical issues were discussed in collaboration with D.A.S. Audio’s local distributor Audio Luces, while Cyan Events Medellín was once again on hand to handle the technical aspects of the seminar.


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