Seminar Romania 2016

D.A.S. Audio seminar with Audio Sys in Bucharest (Romania)





D.A.S. Audio’s most recent stop on its ongoing commitment to provide sound professionals worldwide with training in D.A.S. technology was a training seminar in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. With the invaluable help of Audio Sys, D.A.S. Audio distributor in Romania, the event also served as the perfect opportunity to present and demo the Event Line Array systems in the country.

The event was celebrated at the Pe Lipscani Theater and brought together over 60 sound professionals, a number of them representatives from rental companies, system integrators and sound engineers from all corners of the country.

The seminar kicked off with an introduction by Ignacio Chuliá, D.A.S. Audio Export Area Manager, and Andrei Constantinescu, Director of Audio Sys and organizer of the event. The presentation turned to more technical topics after the opening remarks when the floor was handed over to Joel Damiano, D.A.S. Audio Systems Engineer.

Damiano who gave a lecture on the Ease Focus 2.5 acoustic simulation and modeling software and the different considerations to take into account for proper system adjustment and measurements when configuring a line array system built with D.A.S. Aero 20A powered cabinets.

The technical aspect of the seminar was capped off with a presentation of the D.A.S. Event Line Array systems. These systems are an increasingly more popular solution for mid-range sound reinforcement projects and have proved to be both reliable and powerful, offering great value for the money.

Marius Mirea, a Romanian professional sound technician and regular user of D.A.S. products, also participated in the seminar by giving a talk on the quality and convenience of using D.A.S. line array systems.


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