Seminar in Turkey 2015

New D.A.S. Audio seminar with Melomani in Antalya (Turkey)





D.A.S. Audio recently joined forces with MELOMANI SES ISIK VE GORUNTU SISTEMLERI, the Spanish manufacturer’s official distributor in Turkey, to put on a new training seminar on D.A.S. Aero 40A, Aero 20A and Event Line Array systems.

The event was celebrated at the Antalya Belek River Garden Holiday Village and brought together close to 80 industry professionals and users of D.A.S. systems across the country, who had the opportunity to attend a number of lectures, demonstrations and live performances over the two-day seminar.

The day kicked off with an introduction by Hasan Dundar from Melomani and Ignacio Chuliá from D.A.S. Audio. The presentation turned to more technical topics after the opening remarks as the floor was handed over to Joel Damiano, D.A.S. Audio Systems Engineer, who gave an introduction to the specific features of the D.A.s. Aero Series 2 and Event Line Array systems.

A series of presentations followed, including technical lectures on the Ease Focus acoustic simulation and modeling software, the proper procedure for adjusting and measuring systems with Smaart Live, rigging, wiring and connecting amplifier racks, and how to optimize system sound with the DASnet™ remote monitoring and management system.

The seminar took things outside on day two with an outdoor live demo of D.A.S. line array systems and a theoretical and practical demonstration on how to set up, measure and adjust Aero 40A, Aero 20A and Event Line Array systems.

The training seminar wrapped up by putting theory into practice with sessions that gave participants a chance to listen to the different systems under a range of conditions as well as watch a number of D.A.S. Audio video tutorials.

D.A.S. put a perfect end to the two-day seminar with a spectacular party complete with bonfires and a live music performed by a local band, a magnificent group of dancers and DJ sessions to close out the night. The entire event was videotaped and spectacular aerial shots can be enjoyed by clicking on the link below



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