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D.A.S. Aero Series 2 Certification Program in Russia




D.A.S. Audio has launched a new certification program for companies that use the Aero Series 2 systems as part of its ongoing commitment to providing exceptional customer service. The program, which aims to strengthen the “D.A.S. Rental Network” through intensive training seminars for system users, was most recently held at Lightmaster, the company with the largest D.A.S. sound system in Russia.

The participants attended a number of training sessions held over the course of the two-day event. Lectures on Ease Focus 2.5, systems adjustment and measurement with Smart Live, rigging, wiring and connecting amplifier racks, signal processing with the Aero 50 v5.5 preset and a hands-on practical training gave participants the chance to array the system.

Job security issues were also discussed and followed by a demo on system adjustment at the Lightmaster facilities.

Joel Damiano, D.A.S. Audio Systems Engineer who made the trip to Russia for the Lightmaster seminar, remarked, "I believe that this type of training helps to standardize the final performance of D.A.S. systems worldwide. When a sound engineer works on a world tour with D.A.S. systems, he can find a familiar work method everywhere he goes, consistently getting the best results in the shortest time and with minimal effort”.

The D.A.S. Audio certification program is available for countries worldwide, rental partner attendees are added to an exclusive section on the company’s website, providing a synergy between companies who have the same equipment as well as improving personalized customer service, access to seminars and webinars on more specific topics.

If you would like to find out more about the seminar nearest you, please contact (English) or (Spanish).

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