Schools visit D.A.S. Audio

These presentations were held at the auditorium located in the D.A.S. installations


As part of the Technical Sessions program celebrated in collaboration with different training centers, two educational institutions from the community of Madrid recently visited the D.A.S. installations. On the 27th of May, a group of 40 students from the SAE Institute of Madrid visited the firm¡-s headquarters in Fuente del Jarro (Valencia). On the 28th a group of students from the School of Telecommunications from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, visited the D.A.S. installations.

Both groups were given a guided tour of the different sections of the factory and had the opportunity to experience first hand the development, design and manufacturing process of the different D.A.S. sound systems that are commercialized worldwide. The visitors received the relevant information from Javier Navarro, manager of the technical department and Victor Catal¨c, applications engineer; both members of the D.A.S. Engineering department.

Special emphasis was placed on the Aero line array systems, which have achieved great international success. These systems incorporate the latest design and component technologies, as well as application of cutting-edge computer aids in their development. The computer simulation programs for the design of sound installation projects for venues were also on the agenda.

The sessions included a small lecture on the line array system theory, alignment of subwoofer units, and some notions on the different computer programs for acoustic prediction and configuration for linear systems. These presentations were held at the magnificent auditorium located in the D.A.S. installations and where finally the students had the opportunity to enjoy the qualities of the different line array systems, Aero and Variant, manufactured by the firm.

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