Sausalito Valencia

D.A.S. systems at Valencia's Sausalito Restaurant & Terrace




  The Marina Real Juan Carlos I, one of the most privileged spots in Valencia, is now home to Sausalito, a new first-class dining and entertainment option that opened its doors this summer. Not only does the restaurant and terrace offers guests some of the finest dining in the city; Sausalito is also a one-of-a-kind place to enjoy the unparalleled views and ambiance of an afternoon or evening at Valencia’s marina. A venue like this wouldn’t be complete without great music, and Sausalito was fitted out with D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems to provide the new venue with top-notch sound.

Local company Telesonic Valencia, S.L. took the helm of the install. After analyzing Sausalito’s particular sound needs the team decided to bring in IP54-class D.A.S. Audio systems. These systems are designed specifically for outdoor use and feature enclosures that guarantee protection against dust, dirt and moisture. D.A.S. Audio Arco 4 systems, which include an IP54 kit, were installed in the restaurant area, where soft background music is required. While lightweight and compact these robust Arco 4s pack a punch and are ideal for these types of venues.

The Telesonic Valencia team employed D.A.S. DR-12-IP54 systems for Sausalito’s outdoor space, a large open terrace where guests can kick back with a good drinks, food and music.  These large-format systems ensure that superb sound can be heard across the terrace, where the music starts up during Valencia' sunny afternoons and takes center stage during its long, hot nights.

The terrace was also fitted out with systems from the D.A.S. Arco catalogue of products, specifically the Arco 24W double 4” models. These robust, weatherproof systems boast an IP54 kit for outdoor use as well and are built to withstand inclement weather. The Sausalito install was rounded out with four D.A.S. Powerpro amps; these PS-400 and PS-1400 models were put into service to carry the corresponding sound signal to the D.A.S. Arco 4 and DR-12-IP54 systems set up around the venue.

Sausalito’s unbeatable marina location and attention to detail make it the ideal spot for enjoying a cold beer while taking in the sea views, sampling a mouthwatering starter or dinner off the restaurant’s excellent menu or sipping a cocktail on the relaxing terrace as the night progresses, all with top-notch sound provided by D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems.

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