Sala Disco Modus

Sonosfera installed D.A.S. Variant 112A powered systems at Sala Disco Modus


Sala Modus, a popular night spot in La Rioja´s capital city Logroño, recently underwent a complete facelift. The locale, know for bringing together both cultural and musical programs, required an overhaul of its entire facilities; the cornerstone of this renovation was the installation of a powerful new sound system anchored in the versatile D.A.S. Variant range of line array systems.

The La Rioja-based company Sonosfera, headed by brothers Francisco and Javier Cremades, led the installation. The characteristics of the locale presented special challenges for the company¬-although the space is chiefly a dance club, it is also a live music venue.

Because the space needed to accommodate various types of entertainment, Sonosfera sound technicians recommended installing D.A.S. Variant self-powered line array systems as the venue´s chief sound system.

This "central" system is made up of eight Variant 112A self-powered line array modules, mounted in two linear formations of two units each in the centre of the club, while the other four systems are distributed on either side of the bar to cover the perimeter.

Often used as a dance floor one night and a spectator area the next, this arrangement guarantees the most uniform sound coverage possible over the entire area.

A total of three D.A.S. LX-215A self-powered subwoofer systems from the D.A.S. Aero Series 2 were strategically installed along the side areas of the locale, discreetly camouflaged among chairs and tables, to provide the essential low frequency support.

Four systems from the D.A.S.´s Reference series rounded out the installation, specifically the RF-12.85 systems, equipped with 12-inch speakers and rotatable 80º x 50º horn design. Nestled into the venue's hidden nooks and crannies, the RF-12.85 systems back up the main system´s coverage in these more hard- to-reach areas. The system is efficiently managed and monitored by a D.A.S. DSP-4080 signal processor.

In keeping with Sala Modus' reputation as a popular live music venue, American guitar virtuoso Pau Gilbert gave an unforgettable inaugural concert to officially celebrate the venue´s makeover. Gilbert´s appearance in Logroño not only drew attention to the nightclub but served as a showcase for the incredible virtues of D.A.S.´s Variant LX-215A systems in live shows.

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